C&M Security Systems was founded in 1992. Our targets are creating the most effective solutions in the fields of defense industry and security systems, supplying and installing them and maintaining the service after sale.

Our products include closed circuit TV systems, x-ray devices, metal detecters, ptotective embankments, turnstiles, fire sensation and extinction systems,environmental security systems, NBC purification systems, jammer devices and tactical equipments. C&M security systems is Turkey’s distributor of ATIX Electronic that is a productor of TV systems, an authorized seller of Panasonic and Samsung closed circuit TV systems and Smith Heimann x-ray devices and metal detectors.

C&M has proved its quality by ISO 9001 : 2000 ; the sertificate of TAEK(Turkey Atom Energy Institution) and the sertificate of TSE (Turkey Standards Instution). Our most important success in the field of service quality is our credentials’ trust in C&M security systems.

C&M Security Systems has more than 15000 established systems in Turkey or abroad. These systems include mostly govenment sectors, banks, financial corporations, retail trade and store chains, international firms holdings and residential areas.


C&M Security Service mentality is based on the principal of ‘unconditional pleasure of the clients’. Our company that is in Ankara supports all its systems which are in Turkey or abroad with its ripe and stout technic staff. We provide expert staff composed of technicians and engineers in the field of technological security systems.



Hoşdere Caddesi No: 148 / 5 Yukarı Ayrancı - ANKARA Phone: +90 0.312 441 73 00 (pbx) Fax: +90 0.312 441 66 88